Plastic Pony Beads - Wholesale Bulk Packs (1000 beads / bag)

We have a large selection of pony beads in all the classic shades plus gorgeous fashion colors. Pony Beads are a very popular type of craft bead for many reasons. The simple, timeless shape works for all types of beading, and jewelry projects as well as arts & craft projects. These beads also come in a large variety of colors giving you a lot of creative freedom.

Pony beads are barrel shape or donut shape craft beads and are usually made of plastic. The most common size of pony beads is 6x9mm size and has a hole that is about 4mm. 

These large hole craft beads will work with many types of cording and string such elastic cording, Stretch Magic stretch cord, leather, suede, gossamer stretch cord, flexible beading wire, and monofilament. Pony beads can be strung with alphabet beads to create customized bead projects and crafts.

We have a Bead Bracelet Calculator on our website to help you figure out how many beads you need for your project. You can also use the tags on the left to find specific colors or color effects like opaque, transparent colors, glitter or pearlized colored pony beads.

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Create your own fashion jewelry like trendy bracelets, necklaces and keychains, or make color friendship bracelets to trade and give as gifts. There are so many designs and creative possibilities because pony beads come in so many different colors including opaque colors, transparent colors, pretty pearl colors and sparkling glitter colors.

The simple, versatile shape of pony beads and the large 4mm hole make these beads suitable for a large variety of arts and crafts projects and DIYs. You can use pony beads to make bracelets, long and short necklaces, as well as custom key chains. Or, incorporate them into home decor, bead banners, and weave them into designs and patterns.

Many people ask what is the difference between a seed bead and a pony bead? The main differences between seed beads and pony beads are the size and material, while the shape itself can be similar.

Seed beads are usually made of glass and are much smaller. Seed beads can be as small as 2mm to 4mm in diameter. They can be barrel shaped like pony beads, but can also be faceted or cube shaped. Glass seed beads also come in tube shapes, called bugle beads.

Pony beads are usually made of plastic and the most common size is 6 x 9mm, however there are also mini pony beads, which are about 4 x 7 mm and jumbo pony beads, which are about 8 x 11mm in size.