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craft beads, name bracelets, bead kits and more

Easily personalize your beading projects using our alphabet beads and number beads, then add fun and colorful pony beads to create pony bead bracelets and crafts.

You can pick just the letter beads that you need or get plastic alphabet beads in mixed packages. We also have number beads - the possibilities are endless!

White Cube Alphabet Beads & Number Beads
White Round Alphabet Beads & Number Beads
Colored Alphabet Beads & Number Beads


PONY BEADS - we have lots of colors!!!
We offer 6x9mm Plastic Pony Beads in several colors including opaque colors, glitter colors, transparent pony beads, glow in the dark pony beads, neon pony beads, and pearlized pony beads. Pony beads can be purchased in mixes or assorted colors or in specific colors.

Pony beads work well with 7mm alphabet beads or 6mm alphabet beads. Both of these sizes are offered as individual letter beads or in packs of mixed alphabet beads.
Specially designed Girl Scout craft kits and swap kits. Choose from kits that make bracelets, key chains, necklaces and swaps.

Click here to see bead swap ideas & projects kits
These cute alphabet bead name bracelets are perfect as little gifts, party favors and are great as a group activity. All you need are plastic alphabet beads, Miyuki cube beads and stretch cord. Customize these name bracelets with colored alphabet beads and choose from multiple colors of miyuki cube beads.
You can create your own jewelry in any style when choosing from our large variety of glass beads, crystal beads, gemstone beads, chains and stringing materials.

Our Beader's Blog also offers great design ideas and information for beginners and experienced beaders.
Acrylic beads and plastic craft beads are great for jewelry making and other crafts. Shop from our large selection of acrylic beads and plastic beads.


Beader's Blog
We offer a large selection of alphabet letter beads and number beads. Letter bead shapes include cube block beads and round beads. We have white alphabet beads as well as black alphabet beads. In addition, we also have 8 different colors of alphabet letter beads and numbers beads in hot pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue and purple. Use letter beads and pony beads to make adorable alphabet bead bracelets with elastic stretch cord. Spell out names, teams and special messages to make gifts and souvenirs.


Create your own customized bracelets, necklaces, key chains and bookmarks using alphabet beads, pony beads, colored beads, cording and more.

We offer free project planning assistance to help you plan projects for your group including schools, churches, camps and scouts.

These projects are great for motivational programs, fundraisers and educational activities.

Glass beads are one of the most popular types of beads used in jewelry making Glass beads include Miyuki beads, Czech glass beads, Toho seed beads and more.

We offer quality glass beads for jewelry making and crafts.
Our adorable alphabet beads allow you to create customized bead projects. Options include Jumbo Alphabet Beads, elegant pewter alphabet beads and quality sterling silver alphabet beads which will shine with Czech g lass or Swarovski crystals.

We also offer single alphabet beads as well as vertical hole alphabet beads. Learn more about our alphabet beads.
Tool Magic
is a great product that protects your wire work from tool marks. We have instructions and photos on how it works - click here. If you do a lot of wire wrapping, this will be a life saver. Click here to purchase Tool Magic.

A Heritage of Inspiration: Creating Jewelry with Czech Glass Beads
Written by guest blogger, Brianna...The reason I'm so interested in these beads is because they're linked with my heritage, and I wanted to find out a little bit of history on them.

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Alphabet Beads
Bead Bee is the best source for quality and variety in alphabet beads & numbers beads which can be used to personalize beaded craft projects.

Acrylic Beads & Plastic Beads
Lightweight and economical, acrylic bead are popular for jewelry making and crafts. Acrylic beads are available in many shapes and sizes.

Crystal Beads
Quality beads with exceptional sparkle. Crystal beads are available in many unique shapes, colors and sizes. Crystal beads also create beautiful name bracelets when used with sterling silver alphabet beads.
Czech Glass Beads
Created from the artistry and traditions of the Czech Republic, Czech beads are known for quality and variety. Finishes and colors including transparent, opaque, milky and metallic colors. Czech beads are a great alternative to crystal beads.
Girl Scout Bead Kits
Fun and adorable project kits design just for Girl Scouts and are tailored to the themes of Girl Scouts such as the Girl Scout Law and Thinking Day projects. You can also contact us for customer Girl Scout Bead Kits to fit any special event.
Glass Beads
Glass is a very popular material for beads. Glass beads come in many shapes and sizes, starting from tiny glass seed beads to large gemstone like beads. Glass beads can be solid in color or feature decorative patterns.
Lampwork Beads
Exquisite glass lampwork beads are artfully handmade by glass artists all over the world. Lampwork beads and pendants often feature ornate designs and decorations.
Miyuki Glass Beads
Japanese Miyuki beads come in cube, hex and round shapes, that are popular for stringing and weaving. 6/0 size beads and the 4mm cube shaped Miyuki beads are large enough for stringing necklaces and bracelets.
Plastic Beads
These beads are available in many colors, shapes and sizes. Plastic beads can include round beads, heart shapes, star shapes, flower shapes or alphabet beads. Plastic beads can be used both for jewelry making but also for other general crafts.
Pony Beads
These are barrel shaped beads that are available in a rainbow of colors. Pony beads are popular for kids crafts and other projects. Pony beads also have larger holes than most other beads so they work well with cotton cording or hemp.
Beading Wire, String, & Cord
There are a variety of beading wire and string that can be used for stringing beads to make jewelry and crafts. Popular types of stringing material include flexible beading wire, stretch cord, leather and hemp.
Swarovski Crystal Beads
Made in Austria, Swarovski beads are known for the exquisite beauty. The facets, unique shapes and colors make Swarovski beads very popular among jewelry makers.
Wooden Beads
Natural beads made of wood are available in many shapes and sizes. The colors vary based on the type of wood used to create the wooden beads. Different types of wooden beads include tiger ebony, rosewood, and palm wood.
Beads for Events
We have great ideas for using beads are events, fundraisers, festivals, school functions, charity events and community events. You can make items as gifts, to sell, or set up a fun bead activity table or bead booth.

Find Beads Online
Plastic pony beads are a very popular option for many types of craft projects. Search for over 140 colors of pony beads

Find alphabet beads and number beads. Wholesale alphabet beads and number beads are also available. Alphabet beads and number beads are available in mixed letters and number or individual letters and numbers.

Plastic pony beads are also available in pony beads bulk packages. These pony beads are similar to the pony beads at Wal-Mart or pony beads at Michaels.


We offer a large selection of alphabet beads and number beads in popular and unique styles. will be introducing a new line of colored vertical hole alphabet beads and number beads and specialty colors in pony beads. Spell out special messages using the classic white block alphabet beads, or make name bracelets with adorable white round alphabet beads. We also have special alphabet beads with vertical holes designed for key chains, lanyards, zipper pulls and other crafts. Our alphabet bead and number bead selection also includes white alphabet beads, black alphabet beads and 8 additional colored alphabet beads (hot pink, red, yellow, orange, green, turquoise, dark blue, and purple).

We created our Beader's Blog, to provide you with beading tips, product information and project ideas. We hope that the ideas and projects that we present in our blog will inspire your own unique ideas. If you have any questions or suggestions for blog topics, we would love to hear about them. Read our Beading Blog.


Hosting a Bead Party
A fun beading activity is a great way to add creativity to any party or special occasion. Create personalized bracelets at a baby shower or bridal shower, or have a kids activity table with colorful pony beads and alphabet beads. We have some simple tips and project ideas for hosting your own bead party. (read more)

Cupcake Decor with Beads
Alphabet beads and pony beads are a perfect to adding a personalized touch to your sweet treats. You can string them on ribbon and spell baby names, or cute sayings and messages. For beads that have small holes, you can use colored thread or metallic cording to add shiny glass beads and charms to your dessert display. (read more)

Gemstone Lariat Necklace
Here is a version of a lariat necklace that features gorgeous freshwater pearl bead strands sprinkled with multi-colored gemstone beads. An ornate sterling silver toggle serves as the focal point.(read more)

Tips to Improve Your Wire Wrapping
Good craftsmanship adds exceptional quality to any handmade item, bad craftsmanship can simply ruin your hard work. Here are some simple tips to help you improve your craftsmanship and the overall quality of your handmade projects. (read more)

Brilliant Beaded Bracelets
I enjoy using Czech glass fire polished beads in my jewelry designs because there are so many choices of shapes, sizes and colors. The Pantone Spring 2010 Color Report has inspired this set of four multi-colored glass bead bracelets. (read more)

Simple Lariat Beaded Necklace
A lariat necklace is a stylish and unique design resembling a noose. Most designs are adjustable, but variations can be clasped in the front. (read more)

How to Make a Nursing Bracelet
Number beads for nursing bracelets are among our most popular items. If you would like to know more about how a nursing bracelet works and how to make one, read our "How to Make a Nursing Bracelet" blog post for details.
If you are new to beading, then take a look at our Basic Beading Videos - currently we have three videos that demonstrate a few simple techniques including:
How to Use a Crimp Tool to Crimp & Clasp Your Jewelry
How to Wire Wrap a Beaded Link
Simple Bead Weaving

Click here to see Basic Beading Videos

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