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  • How to Make Tie On Bracelets

    December 18, 2023

    How to Make Tie On Bracelets


    If you are looking for a simple and stylish way to make colorful bracelets, name bracelets and friendship bracelets, tie-on bracelets are a timeless staple for beaders & crafters. This style of bracelet is casual yet trendy and easy to make in a variety of sizes and designs. They can also be made using almost any type of string, cord and beads.

    Tie-on bracelets are easy to make, fun to wear and are great as gifts. Tie-on bracelets made of colorful embroidery floss and beads are meaningful keepsakes and cherished symbols of friendship that have blossomed into an art form of unique color combos, woven patterns and messages of inspiration.


    Tie-on bracelets are perfect for concerts and festivals. They are also great as party favors or to celebrate graduation and other special events. Bracelets can be easily customized to fit event themes and color schemes.


    While traditional woven friendship bracelets can involve a variety of macramé techniques, tie-on bracelets can easily be made by simply stringing beads onto a single strand of thick cord like satin rattail, leather, suede or even ribbon. Cords that are about 1.5-2mm thick are recommended (you can also layer thinner strands for more thickness). 

    To create the classic woven bracelet, beginners can easily make simplified versions with a series of basic macramé knots like square knots and forward knots. You can also braid multiple strands of embroidery floss for a different look. 

    Beads are a great addition to tie-on bracelets. Pony beads and cube alphabet beads will let you add style and customization to your bracelets. Feel free to e
    xperiment with diverse textures and materials, from sleek leather to rustic hemp or suede, or play with the thickness of your cord by doubling or braiding different colored strands.


    To make simple tie-on bracelets with a single thick cord and beads, choose a cord that is about 1.2mm to 2mm thick. This ensures that the cord is durable but also easy to knot.

    To select beads for your bracelets, choose a variety of beads that will fit on your cording. There are so many types of beads so don't be afraid to mix and match different sizes, shapes and colors.

    For woven bracelets, you just need several colors of embroidery floss (a ruler and pair of scissors is helpful too). Common macramé patterns used for tie-on bracelets include stripes, chevron (V-pattern) and the zipper pattern. The bracelet width will depend on how many strands of embroidery floss that you use.


    • Thick Cord: There are a variety of cords that are suitable for tie-on bracelets. Chose a cord that is about 1.2mm to 2mm thick, durable but also easy to knot. Options include leather, suede, satin rattail, hemp or cotton. Since the cord will be visible, you can choose a neutral color like black or brown, or opt for a more colorful option to coordinate with the beads you choose. 
    • Beads: Pony beads are popular for friendship bracelets since they come in a variety of colors. We also have faceted pony beads for added sparkle. Alphabet beads are great for adding names and special messages. Other types of beads that can be used include wood beads, clay beads, or any bead that will fit on the cord you choose.
    • Embroidery Floss: Have a variety of colors on hand for creative freedom.
    • Ruler & Scissors: Helpful and handy tools for making bracelets.
    • Mini Binder Clips: As you are stringing beads, place a binder clip on the end of the bracelet to keep beads from falling off
    • Tape: Tape down embroidery floss on a table as you weave bracelets
    • Optional: Charms, tassels, gift bags & ribbons to add special embellishments and package gifts


    1. Cut a piece of cord: The cord should be the wrist size plus 4-5 inches for knotting. If you are unsure of the wrist size, a 12-14" piece should work for most people (adjust length for smaller or larger wrists). Place a binder clip on the end of the cord to keep beads from falling off as you make the bracelet.
    2. Add beads: Thread beads onto the cord. Add just a few as accents, create a rainbow, or use alphabet beads to spell a name or message. Feel free to play around with different color combos and patterns.
    3. Add holding knots: Tie a knot before the first bead and a second know after the last bead to secure the beads on the bracelet. If your cord is too thin to create a large enough knot to hold the beads, you can place beads with smaller holes on the ends.


    • For thinner cords: Use layer several strands or braid multiple strands to create a thicker cord
    • Add embellishments: Add charms, tassels & ribbons to personalize bracelets 
    • Layering multiple bracelets: Tie-on bracelets are the perfect partners in crime. Layer them with other styles for a bold and vibrant statement look.
    • Great for group activities: A DIY bracelet activity is great for parties and festivals

    There are so many types of bracelets you can make - check out our instructions for making stretch name bracelets, charm bracelets, bracelets stacks and so much more. If you want to host a bead party, we have tips and tricks to make your event go smoothly.


    Using 6x9mm Pony Beads: To make a 7" bracelet, you will need about 30 pony beads. To make a necklace that is about 18" in length, you will need about 76 pony beads. To make a necklace that is about 24" in length, you will need about 102 pony beads.

    • 150 pony beads can make about five 7" bracelets and two 18" necklaces
    • 500 pony beads can make about sixteen 7" bracelets and five to six 18" necklaces
    • 1000 pony beads can make about thirty three 7" bracelets and thirteen 18" necklaces
    • 2000 pony beads can make about sixty six 7" bracelets and twenty six 18" necklaces

    *Fun Fact: About Fifty One (51) 6x9mm pony beads makes 12" of length 

    *Above info is based on using 6mm wide beads. If you use different size beads, the number of beads you need will change depending on the bead size. 

    More Than A Jewelry Accessory

    These tie-on friendship bracelets aren't just colorful threads and intricate knots; they're threads of connection, woven with hopes and promises shared between friends. 

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