Your Choice of Numbers

Plastic White 7mm Round Number Beads, Single Numbers, 100 beads


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SINGLE NUMBERS - your choice of numbers

White round number beads with black letters on two sides. Sold per package of 100 number beads (100 pieces of the same number). These number beads have horizontally drilled holes, hole size approximately 1mm in diameter. These beads are flat, coin shaped beads with letters on 2 sides. Works well with our stretch cord.

  • plastic number beads
  • 7mm round coin shaped bead
  • small inner hole of about 1mm diameter
  • letters on 2 sides
  • Each package has 100 beads of the same number
  • also available in mixed letters or mixed numbers

These beads are flat, coin shapes and have small holes and will need to be thread on material that is less than 1mm thick.

If you need alphabet beads or number beads with larger holes, choose cube shape beads or larger size beads.