Mixed Letter Beads

Plastic Vertical Hole Alphabet Beads, Mixed Colors, Mixed Letters, 8mm Cube, 800 beads


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Plastic alphabet cube beads with vertical holes that run from top to bottom. Vertical holes allows letters to read from top to bottom when strung. These beads are most popular for making key chains, jewelry, accessories and decorations. You can spell team names and special sayings. These beads can be combined with other types of beads such as pony beads, sports ball beads, heart beads and other shapes to create unique jewelry pieces and bead crafts.

  • bead size is approximately 8mm cube
  • hole size is approximately 3mm (hole is slightly smaller than 1/8")
  • approximately 600 beads, mixed colors, randomly mixed letters (no specific quantity of each letter)
  • letter M is the same as W, letter O is the same as number 0
  • also available in single letter beads and number beads