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Beads are a great activity for many types of events such as Relay For Life walks, charity events, festivals, bead booths for craft fairs or community events.
Planning a Bead Activity for a Large Group, Festival, or Event

A beading activity is a great activity for all ages. You can tailor to activity to your even theme by using beads of certain colors or shapes. You can also use alphabet beads and number beads to personalize the activity, like spelling out the event name and the year.

Two popular activities are stretch bracelets, necklaces and key chains.

To make bracelets, use stretchy string, all you need to do is string the beads and tie a double knot. Necklaces can also be strung on a stretch type cord so that you don't need to attach a clasp. Necklaces can also be strung on non-stretch cording, you will just need to cut the string long enough to fit over the head.

Key chains are another great activity, but we recommend that the key rings and string be prepared ahead of time. This will keep the activity moving smoothly and swiftly - if you are hosting a large group, you want to avoid any backup or delay in the line.

Here are some tips to help your beading activity run smoothly for the event organizer and participants:

Tip #1 - Keep it simple.
Especially if you are accommodating a large group. Stretch bracelets are by far the most popular and most simple activity. Everyone can string beads and tie a knot without much assistance. Parents and older siblings can easily help younger children that are participating in the activity.

Stretch bracelets or necklaces are also a good option because you don't need fancy clasps or special tools. Key chains are also a very simple project, but need just a little more preparation in advance. (See above for more info).

Tip #2 - Stay organized. By keeping your activity simple, you will have less components to organize. You may be setting up an activity station such as a booth or table. Beads can easily be organized in bowls.

Tip #3 - Prepare in advance. Keep beads separated and sorting in zip bags or food storage containers. Pre-cut string to the correct length but keep extra on hand just in case.

Tip #4 - If making bracelets or necklaces, use binder clips to clip onto one end of the string, this keeps beads from falling off the back end while stringing.

Tip #5 - Use place mats. You will want to pad the work table with a table cloth or place mats. This will keep beads from rolling around and rolling off the hard surface of a table. Place mats will also help designate each person's work area.

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