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Use alphabet beads and colorful decorative beads to create personalized bracelets. Pony beads representing team colors and other themes can be used to customize your design.

Stretch bracelets are convenient and simple to make, don't require clasps or hardware and therefore don't have the added cost of clasps, and more expensive flex wire. The bracelets are also easy to slip on and take off.

There are so many possibilities for creating stretch bracelets. They are great for Sunday School activities, camps, schools, fundraisers, Girl Scouts, groups and events.
Alphabet Bead Stretch Bracelets

Technique: stringing and knotting

Supplies & Materials:
beads and stretch jewelry cord such as Stretch Magic or gossamer stretch cord or Bead Smith Opelon, or elastic cording.

Beads & Components: This is an adorable two tone beaded bracelet design was created for Breast Cancer Awareness. Use alphabet beads & number Beads to customize your inspiration message. Add a charm for an adorable accent. These bracelets are perfect for fundraising or as gifts.


1 Before stringing beads, first lay out your design on a bead board, place mat or padded surface.    
2 Cut stretch cord - determing the length by adding 3 inches to the desired finished size. For example, to make a 7.5" bracelet, cut 10.5". The extra length will be needed for knotting.

Tip: For kid size bracelets, cut 9-10" of cord and string 6-7" of beads. For adult size bracelets, cut 10-12" of cord and string 7-8" of beads.
3 Clip a bead stopper or binder clip to one end of the stretch cord. Then string your beads onto the stretch cord. 
4  To finish the bracelet, tie a surgeon's knot. If you don't know how to make a surgeon's knot, a double knot will suffice as long as it is pulled tight, but be careful not to pull too tight, or the cord will break.    

Almost any type of bead can be strung on stretch jewelry cord. Our examples above feature plastic, glass and metal beads. If you choose to use larger, heavier, glass or metal beads, you may want to choose a thicker cording such as 1mm stretch magic beading cord.

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