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Rain or shine, beads are a fun and colorful addition to any party. Here are some simple tips to hosting a beading activity at your next party, festival or get-together.
Host a Bead Party or Activity (for small groups or classes)

Project Type: Make your own bracelets, necklaces or key chains

Supplies & Materials for Bracelets and/or Necklaces:
Beads and elastic cording or stretchy string (click here for instructions on making stretchy bracelets and necklaces)

Supplies & Materials for Key Chains:
Beads, non-stretch cording such as cotton cording, hemp or S'getti cord, split rings and key rings, storage containers (click here for instructions on making key chains)

Helpful Tips and other Supplies:
Keep this activty, neat, tidy and fun with a few helpful supplies and tips. See tips below to make this a simple, hassle free activity for your social event.

For large groups, festivals or events - click here for additional tips


1 A variety of beads can be stored and displayed in food storage containers.    
2 Give each guest an empty food storage container for picking out their beads. They will have a container to collect and keep their beads while they are beading.

Guests can then use these containers to take home their creations and extra beads. Add a cute, personalized label to create a fun little party favor. Zip lock bags can also be used for storing beads and materials.
3 Binder clips - if making bracelest or necklaces, clip on to one end of the string as your are stringing beads, this prevents beads from slipping off the other end.    
4 Soft placemats are great to padding the work surface, this helps keep beads from rolling around or bouncing off the table and onto the floor. Thick paper plates can be used as well.    
5 Scissors will be needed to cut and trim string or cording    
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